Robotic Automation

Business Process enforcement has been one of the biggest challenge for business executives to drive the streamlines business operations, efficiency and quality standards. Standard Operating Procedure model helped a bit but does not fully eliminate the delays in manual tasks, repeated efforts and human errors. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps to automate all existing manual tasks, business processes and operating through prebuilt software components “Robots”. These intelligent bots can monitor, record, learn and apply the intelligence in the repeated business processes as fully automated which helps to accelerate the business operational efficiency, reduce operational cost, improves delivery. Example: An manual entry of partner orders received via email into order management system can be automated by deploying bots to autofill the orders.

Backed by our Digital Connected Enterprise and Advanced Analytics practices, we helps to enhance the intelligence of Robotic Process Automation by injecting cognitive capabilities such as Machine Learning to make our bots to accelerate its efficiency.  Since Business Automation is very specific to your business domain, our Robotic Automation Practice has been vertically focused as Retail and Financial Services.

We understand that RPA is new to your organization, so we can help you to measure the value of RPA even before you fully invest through our consulting services.

  • Process Automation ROI Assessment
  • Business Automation Mapping Consulting
  • RPA Architecture Consulting
  • RPA Production Selection Consulting

Our Implementation Services are backed by our domain expertise team.

  • Retail Workforce Automation
  • Financial Backoffice Automation

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