Customer Experience Manager

The digital commerce have moved from traditional UX (User Experience) focus to CX (Customer Experience) focused. Digitalizing customer channels has reached the state of building Experience Platform instead of experience application. Digital Experience Planform (DXP) is the going forward digital strategy with ultimate goal of enhancing customer experience by providing suite of features as proactive product recommendations, one click purchase, phygital experience (physical and digital experience), auto-fill and instance delivery tracking etc.

Digital API Integrations, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence plays significant role in driving ambient digital experience. As an industry specialist in Connected Enterprise and Data Analytics, Innovizant team have designed an advanced experience provider solution as Customer Experience Manager, a digital experience provider platform.

InnoSight’s Customer Experience Manager is a complete experience solution for commerce industry with well-defined digital experience APIs backed by powerful data & analytics infrastructure provides comprehensive features to handle seamless customer engagement across all customer touch points.

The customer Experience Manager provides the following features to enhance your customer experience to next level.

  • Well defined set of digital APIs from customer onboarding, marketing, order management, fulfillment, delivery, Chat bot and Insights etc.
  • Data infrastructure supports to build unstructured data lake, customer 360 and digital insights through predictive algorithms and data science practices.
  • Enable to establish and apply artificial intelligence based chat bot and machine learning processes to intelligently provide customer insights as services to all online channels.
  • iPaaS based integration approach helps to host and run all Back Office applications integration and collaborations.
  • Cloud neutral solution can be hosted in Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure infrastructure.


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