CECL Implementation and Reporting

CECL Implementation and Reporting

December 1, 2017 Events 0

Enhancing Data Management For CECL Modeling

Panel Discussion: Leveraging technology platforms to meet CECL data requirements

• Is current technology robust enough to withstand the increment in data?
• Implementation and effectiveness of specifc reporting tools to deal with large data
• What are the key challenges faced in data acquisition and quality to input into the platforms?

Michael Fadil
Executive Vice President, CECL
Program Director
Citizens Bank

Grace Duggar
Senior Vice President Credit Risk
ALLL Analytics
Webster Bank

Souvik Das
Senior Vice President and Practice
Lead, Data and Analytics
Innovizant LLC

Conference Workshop

Workshop Title: The Impact of CECL on Real Estate Loans
Attendees will learn key considerations for CECL implementation and what to expect from the new forecasting tool for CRE. There will be an interactive discussion on strategies to manage how CRE expected losses will impact models and data challenges for CRE models.
Workshop Moderator: Dev Strischek
Company: Principal - Devon Risk Advisory Group

Why You Should Attend

The aim of this GFMI conference is to help financial institutions understand the key requirements of the CECL standard and to explore practical ways to ensure that their approaches are in line with the regulatory expectations. Attendees will learn about the challenges surrounding coordination of CECL between modeling and accounting departments and strategies to ensure a holistic CECL approach. Data management and investing in technology to fit the CECL standard will be explored. With CCAR, DFAST and IFRS9 for 2018 on the horizon, balancing the standard with other regulatory requirements will also be examined.

Key Topics

  • Examine the regulatory expectations in more detail
  • Understand how to overcome challenges with regard to data acquisition and data integrity
  • Coordinate the required expertise across departments
  • Balance compliance between CECL, CCAR, DFAST and IFRS 9
  • Minimize the cost of compliance with the CECL standard

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