Data Governance

Data is organizations’ one of the greatest source of value as well as risk. The growing macro-environment challenges have compelled organizations to gradually adopt a more systematic approach towards management, powered by data. However, managing the exponential growth of data is equally daunting as is highlighted by increase in latency, inaccuracy and security breach of data over the last decade costing organizations millions of dollars in terms of direct and indirect cost.

Since IT is embedded in every aspect of the organization, it occupies a vantage position to enable organizations to develop a framework to manage data throughout its lifecycle. Data Governance is the function of managing the extraction, aggregation, storage, delivery, usage and retention of data. The goal is to maximize the value of an organization’s investment in data by ensuring and continually improving the quality and use of data. A complete view of Data Governance provides insight and control of the manner in which enterprise data management must work for an organization to extract full business value of its data assets.

Innovizant offers a process-driven approach for organizations’ diverse data needs, such as data governance, data architecture, change control, metadata management, master data management, records management, privacy protection, access management, etc.

Our data governance offerings include:

• A 2-days audit program and a comprehensive 12 weeks assessment and workshop rolled-out in phases to help enterprises graduate to their desired state on the data governance maturity path.

• Our technical capabilities span a wide range of products and a toolkit for automating Data Governance, which includes:

o Business objectives, governance metrics, success measures and strategy
o Data rules and definitions (rules, standards, data definitions, compliance requirements)
o Data dictionary and metadata repository
o Collection of decision rights and accountabilities
o Repository of control mechanism