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Customer 360 is a logical construct that brings within its fold all of client related information. As the industry evolved by leaps and bounds over last decade and half, the definition and coverage of Customer 360 underwent a lot of change in itself. But in the end the fine-grained definition of Customer 360, its attribution and business use case coverage changes from one organization to another. So often times Customer 360 is ideated, defined and chartered through a Client Data Strategy Effort – which in turn is built on the back of the organization’s enterprise and LoB specific Client Strategy. Innovizant is a well established strategic advisory service provider in this area with experiences of building Customer Data Strategy for various industry practices

We at Innovizant strongly believe that Customer 360 should be business focused as opposed to a technical endeavor to bring all of Clients data together. We also are of the point of view that it has to be looked in conjunction with organizantion’s Digital Transformation as well as Analytics roadmap.

Innosight Customer 360 leverages its Digital Connected Enterprise integration framework and provides inneumerous integration options to integrate structured, unstructured and semi-structured with a variety of source and target applications of different types (Internal, External, IoT), different modalities (Batch, Real time, Near real time, Stream), varied different structures (Avro, XML, Mainframe, etc). For details on integration please refer to the DCE page.

Innovizant Innosight presents multiple de-coupled solution options for Customer 360 for various industry practices, such as Banking, Insurance, Retail, and sub-industry practices, such as – Retail Bank, Wholesale Bank, Private Wealth, etc. In the end the commonality between all of the solution options is to implement an all-encompassing customer profile covering its core, demographic, interaction, Lifestyle and LifeStage and Insight attributes taking into account governance and business value.

Why Innovizant is the right partner for you in your Customer 360?

  • End to End Client Data Strategy and Customer 360 strategy and implementation experience.
  • Proven methodology
  • Robust pre-built business solution platform.
  • Business solutions for Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Hospitality and Manufacturing.
  • Unique Specialist in Connected Business, Data Insights and Scientific processes to deliver innovations.
  • Backed by technology practices of Big Data, Data Science, Integration, Digital APIs, Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotic Process Automation.
  • Comprehensive Digital Transformation Framework and Solution to accelerate the transformation realization.
  • Customer Centric business engagements and vendor agnostic services
  • On-Site Innovation Center backed by Offshore Engineering Practice.

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