Connected Enterprise

To succeed in this new Millennium, you should transform your business from traditional into Digital by enhancing Customer Experience, enforcing Digital Operations, Automation  by leveraging Connected technologies including Digital APIs, Micro services, Internet of Things (IoT) and Process Automation.

Innovizant help you to unlock your enterprise’s true potential with a Digital Connected Services and prepare your organization for business competition in a new marketplace while mitigating risk, reducing cost, and achieving faster time to market.

Digital Connected Solution enables your business through:

  • Digital API Services helps to make your legacy systems to collaborate with digital devices such as mobile, commerce and IoT.
  • iPaaS Adoption by integrating Cloud and on-premise systems to share business information at real-time for faster service delivery mechanism
  • Customer Experience: Collaborate with your customers through mobile, web, social engagement, and physical brings multi-channel collaboration and experience.
  • Micro Service Modernization: Application program interfaces (APIs) and micro services pave the way to a new generation of system.
  • Enterprise Data Consolidation: Trust your data and use it to make decision faster, by consolidating the data from across edges to build digital data assets.
  • Process Automation: Enhance and automate your operational processes with Robotic Process Automation by reduce manual efforts.
  • Make Devices Communicate through Internet of Things (IoT) helps to monitor and alert business risks and forecast financial implications.

Innovizant’s key offerings for your digital connected enterprise journey:

Digital Connected Consulting Services:

  • Digital Readiness Assessment
  • Digital Integration Strategy
  • Enterprise API Strategy
  • IoT Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Migration Consulting
  • Business Automation Strategy

Our Integration Innovation Services:

  • iPaaS Prototype / POC
  • Digital API Experiment
  • IoT Experiment with Raspberry Pi
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) Integration POC
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Value Demo
  • Digital Streaming Experience

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