Cognitive IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) makes enterprises even more connected. Till now, Integration had been focused more towards connecting applications, systems, people and processes. The advancement on the sensors and processors made the isolated machines to connect with enterprise network to communicate. Connected things (machines, sensors and processors) are creating more digital data than ever before. Every small information can be capture across organization to drive more meaningful decisions and predictions.

We strongly believe that IoT is not just about connected things and generated huge data, but also about adding intellectual capabilities at the things to make automated decision by itself. Without cognitive power, connected things considers as only data generators. With the power of Cognitive IoT, enterprise can make their machines learn by themselves and automated processes to fulfill their needs. Example, Connected refrigerator can place an order to the store manager to refill Milks.

We help enterprises to adopt Intellectual IoT Solutions to become truly Cognitive Enterprise. Therefore, our IOT services are designed to drive Omni-Channel Digital Experience and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

IoT (Internet of Things ) Consulting Services:

  • IoT Readiness Consulting
  • IoT Platform Selection Consulting
  • IoT Strategy Consulting
  • IoT Security Consulting

Our IoT Realization Services Includes:

  • Device Integration POC
  • IoT Integration
  • Device Data Consolidation
  • Connected Business Integration
  • Vertical IoT Application Development
  • Machine 2 Machine Integration

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