Transform business to gain the competitive edge with enterprise data –CDOAssist

Chief Data Officers (CDO) are looking at enterprise data in a new light as a strategic asset and assessing ways in which the data can be used to manage governance effectively.The role of CDO has more responsibilities and complexity brought about now with increased regulatory and compliance reporting demands.Develop innovative business solutions by demand management, defining strategic data roadmaps, choice of data maturity assessment templates and quicker time to actions.

Demand Management

Convert data issues to prioritized opportunities based on criticality in the demand management system. Control demand across enterprise wide business lines gaining results by setting up strategic data initiatives.

Data Roadmap

Design business data roadmaps with 'drag-n-drop' flexibility aligning it to strategic and tactical goals. Choice of analytic reports with quarterly data views of initiatives and its progress.

Data Maturity Assessment Templates

Automatic selection of best fit data maturity assessment templates that is customizable to suit enterprises. Open the myriad values through analytical tools to improve business through undiscovered insights enabling informed decisions.

Quicker Solutions

Gain advantage of faster definition and management of enterprise data strategies to develop new solutions. Pre-defined industry standard data strategy templates reduce the time for readiness and customization.

Know more about CDOAssist

The Chief Data Office has responsibilities towards all things to do with data as organizations have realized the importance of enterprise wide data. CDO’s are involved in helping business and technology domains to achieve common goals by ensuring accurate high quality enterprise wide data availability. CDOAssist manages data and controls demand helping to draw up strategic data system goals.

Create data roadmaps which will help in determining data policies and implementation between departments and lines of businesses. Data maturity assessment templates will help in standardizing data across multiple departments. These are customizable and help to gather data that can be used to drive analytics solutions that help to arrive at tactical decisions backed by sound data. Customized templates help to design data requirements according to each organization’s demand.

Why should you act on CDOAssist ‘NOW’?

It has become essential for Chief Data Officers to get technology like CDOAssist to work for them. It will help to quickly get an enterprise wide view of critical data and chart out data strategies for organization wide goals. Earlier initiation in using technology tools will help to avoid departmental conflicts by better co-ordination across departments to set up effective governance. This helps to gain competitive edge with effective and cost efficient marketing and governance.CDOAssist will be able to improve transparency and trustworthiness of data, security and reliability maintaining desired standards of quality.

Chief Data Officers spend their time on efforts resulting in up to several years and tens of millions of dollars of investments. The lack of a standard for enterprise data strategies is clearly causing issues industry wide, as organizations come across various dilemmas. These dilemmas are complex questions such as, “Should they explore and address more revenue generating mechanics, support the regulatory compliances or maintain a pace with evolving business transformation strategies?” “What type of data strategy fits a centralized organization vs. federated or distributed organization?” “How do we address the strategic priorities vs. tactical problems?” These are confusions every Chief Data Officer will experience without this application, and the ability for users to select a template that most closely matches their needs eliminates this, as well as the room for error.

This system is a handy application designed and developed to support Chief Data Office functions. Chief Data Officers or Head of the Data and Analytics groups can leverage this application to quickly define and manage the enterprise data strategy, and related functions, a task that normally involves spending years of time and tens of millions of dollars, is simplified into a one-month template driven process, with software automating some of the banking industry’s most stringent reporting guidelines and assessments. Most importantly, it minimizes the risk of error because of its predefined industry standard templates.

The application is extremely innovative and unique regarding its specific abilities and functions. Its objective is to create a robust and powerful application for the Chief Data Officers that will help them define the Enterprise Data Management Organizations and its related functions quickly, resulting in more reliable data experiences for customers, as well as those working in the industry.

CDO application will present the following features, making it user-friendly, efficient and highly valuable. This application comes with pre-defined, industry standard templates from which to choose and enhance to fit enterprise needs, eliminating the need to start from scratch and spend years of time and millions of dollars.

This application provides a process, methodology and templates, to quickly setup the Chief Data Office by defining and managing the enterprise data strategy, data governance framework, risk data assessment and CDO functional organization chat.

Pre-delivered industry best practice data framework templates from which to choose and enhance to fit enterprise needs, eliminating the need to start from scratch